Work. Save. Travel. Repeat.

Vacation Script is a family travel blog ‘scripted‘ to help you visualize a path to your next core memory. We share all the good stuff, like free itineraries that will map your day out in all the best ways, adventure stories that include lessons learned, and media that will inspire your next trip. Vacation Script will connect you to that lucky find – off the coast of somewhere you’re about to be.

Listen, I spend a staggering amount of time researching family travel destinations and things to do. I have two teenagers, one of whom doesn’t travel well. There are many moving parts to consider when planning family vacations, and I have won and lost some (ask me about Greece later). I want to share all that with you to save you time and effort so you can live your best vacation life. Because extra time is in short supply when you add a 40-hour work week to the schedule.

I am Ashley Lauren DeFrees, the voice behind the blog. My family of four has been living abroad in Sicily, Italy, for over a year, and my vacation-planning heart is whole. I just got my very own Italian Limone Fiat to commemorate.

Bookmark this travel blog to create a memorable vacation experience that everyone in the family will enjoy without the hassle of planning it all on your own.