The Graffiti Tunnel

As you plan your London adventure, consider the graffiti tunnel at the Vaults as not just one of the things to see in London for free but a vibrant community of art lovers. Nestled under Waterloo Station, these unique tunnels have become a creative expression hub for artists who love spray paint as their medium of choice. The once mundane railway arches have been transformed into a dynamic gallery of colorful murals, a sight that will surely captivate your family. My 14-year-old son was surprised by the experience, walking through the tunnel and marveling at the explosion of colors and creativity. We couldn’t resist snapping photos of our favorite pieces. These unexpected and unique spots are what make London’s art scene so enchanting. The walk through The Vaults is brief, taking about 15-20 minutes, but the photos you collect there will bring back smiles. This spot exemplifies the unique charm of London’s quirky and inclusive vibe, offering a slice of the city’s underground art scene that is both unexpected and delightful.

The Butterfly Trail at The Outernet

London has unique architecture and attention-grabbing attractions, but they outdid themselves with The Outernet. Located just outside Tottenham Court Road, this stunning building is calling your soul with its spectacle of lights dancing around the room. As I drew closer to The Outernet, I realized the digital LED wrap-around displays covered the walls and ceiling, creating an immersive visual experience. The art exhibits in London are like no other. We were early for our dinner reservation at Tattu restaurant, located on the top floor of The Outernet, so we watched the show for a bit. People filled the rooms to watch in amazement. We were able to experience an emoji explosion, the butterfly trail, which is interactive, and a yoga giant performance. The best part is that it’s free; anyone can walk up and be immersed in a digital art display. Among the many things to see in London for free, The Outernet is a must-visit, offering a mesmerizing experience that won’t cost you a penny. This visit could take 5-25 minutes, depending on how long you stay to watch this digital exhibit.


While exploring things to see in London for free, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Chinese culture as you stroll through Chinatown, experiencing its vibrant traditions firsthand. If you’re hungry, prepare to be transported to a world of the most intriguing smells and flavors. We had to try out the BBQ duck at the Four Seasons restaurant, as we heard it was the best in town. Crispy skin, tender meat, and a perfectly balanced sauce left my husband in culinary bliss. But the adventure didn’t stop there. Dessert shops in Chinatown are at a whole other level. We spent over an hour hopping from one to another, determined to find the ultimate sweet treat. From bougie donuts glazed with exotic fruits to whimsical boba dishes that seemed unreal, we found ourselves in dessert paradise.

Iconic Things To See In London For Free

Every trip to London is complete with visiting the borough of Westminster and getting a dose of royalty at Buckingham Palace. My family arrived a half hour before the changing of the guard ceremony began, and it was already packed full. Instead of waiting in the crowd, we headed to St. James’s Park and strolled toward Big Ben. As you approach, you’ll find the famous red phone booths, perfect for a photo op with the iconic clock tower in the background. The House of Parliament is a massive structure that captivated me with its stunning Gothic architecture; I couldn’t look away.
While in the area, take a moment to admire Westminster Abbey, which stands proudly in the square. These are just a few of the iconic things to see in London for free.

London From a Unique Perspective

You should plan this one out at least three weeks in advance and reserve a free ticket to visit Sky Garden; I recommend going at sunset! We went through security and a tightly packed elevator to reach Sky Garden on the 35th floor. As the doors opened, we stepped into an atrium of glass filled with lush plants and trees, creating an urban oasis high above the city. From this vantage point, we enjoyed breathtaking views of London, including the iconic London Bridge and the eye-catching Gherkin building. We wandered through the greenery, marveling at the blend of nature and architecture. Feeling adventurous, we decided to visit the bar and toast to our adventure with a couple of cocktails. Sky Garden also has a few restaurants, so you can enjoy the sky for a little longer.

Jubilee Gardens’ Hidden Delights

After visiting the Vaults, go to the London Eye, an observation wheel that’s a prominent part of the skyline. At 443 feet high, it offers visitors stunning panoramic views of London, extending up to 15 miles in every direction. Seeing the structure up close is a marvel, even if you decide not to catch a ride. Jubilee Gardens is a nice park to walk through; you can have a picnic here, and kids can play at the playground. We stumbled upon a magic performance with an audience of kids eager to participate in the next trick. We enjoyed our time here, as it reminded us to pause and appreciate the moment, which can be easy to forget when you’re busy sightseeing.

We wandered along the South Bank from Jubilee Gardens, soaking in the lively atmosphere filled with street performers, artists, and musicians. We grabbed some ice cream from a nearby vendor and watched a talented artist craft chalk drawings on the pavement. The buzz of activity combined with the serene view of the Thames made for a perfect afternoon. Each moment was a delightful reminder of the unexpected joys of exploring London.

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